Experiencing a Disaster

Disaster relief is not at all uncommon to hear about when you are a Red Cross employee.  In fact, you are constantly aware of every disaster at all times such as fires, severe weather, etc.  However, hearing about disaster response for Hurricane Isaac, and actually experiencing it is a whole other story.

Last night we housed more than 5,000 individuals in 80 shelters.  Today more than 3,800 Red Cross responders will feed all those people and many, many more.  This storm brings back terror and worry for those on the Gulf Coast who are still struggling with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago. Families affected by Irene are still recovering and are being extremely brave through this time as they are leaving their home behind once more and being relocated to one of our shelters. American Red Cross has been very successful providing shelters to families to be relocated out of harms way.

At this time we have multiple volunteers deployed to different locations to help with hurricane Isaac.  Our very own Don Cawrse of Western MA was recently deployed to Florida, and now is located in Mississippi doing shelter work.  You as well can help is this disaster by donating to American Red Cross.  Please follow the link to donate or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

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