Red Cross Opens Shelters in Response to Sandy

We have opened three regional shelters across central MA   in response to storm Sandy. The shelters are located at:

Fitchburg Senior Center, 14 Wallace Ave, Fitchburg

Millville Elementary School, 122 Berthette Way, Millville

Worcester Technical High, 1 Skyline Drive, Worcester

Residents seeking shelter should be careful traveling as there are widespread power outages as well as downed power lines and trees. If at all possible, residents should shelter in place. Those seeking shelter in Red Cross shelters should bring pillows, blankets, medications, toiletries and other comfort items such as books, games and music.

The Worcester DPH tweets that transportation to shelters is available by calling 508-792-3252 until 9pm. Residents can call 2-1-1 for a complete listing of community shelters.

One response to “Red Cross Opens Shelters in Response to Sandy

  1. Red Cross volunteers are a dedicated and compassionate group. They have all left their homes and families to help others. Many thanks to them for their willingness to comfort, shelter and feed those in need.


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