March is Red Cross Month!


As I rushed to a school meeting this morning, my mind raced with assignments to get done, upcoming dates to remember, and everything I had to do by the end of the day. At the meeting with my peers and academic advisors, I was filling out some paperwork, like usual, and got to the bottom of the page that said, “Please sign and date.” I thought, “Okay, today is Friday, Valentine’s Day was just a little while ago, it’s probably February 21st…” Boy, was I wrong. Does anybody know where February went!?

As much as I was hoping time would slow down, the fact that March starts today means that GREAT things are in store for this month! Did you know that March is Red Cross Month?  Just like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, we tend to designate certain times to recognize and appreciate certain people in our lives. March as Red Cross Month is the perfect time for us to get together to celebrate the everyday heroes in our communities.

Every president since Roosevelt has proclaimed March as Red Cross Month. Even the mayors of Central and Western MA proclaim this OUR month! There will be events throughout the month, like the Hometown Heroes Breakfast in Springfield, MA and the Breakfast of Champions in West Boylston, MA, both on March 28th. To find out more details visit this website:

Red Cross Month is an ideal time to be part of the Red Cross, and there are a variety of ways to do it. Work on a preparedness plan for your household so you will be ready for emergencies, or download the free Red Cross apps for mobile devices such as the First Aid, hurricane or earthquake apps. Most importantly become a volunteer!

The Red Cross is grateful to the people in this country for their generous support. Thanks to them, the Red Cross is able to respond to disasters both large and small, to help members of the military, provide about 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply and teach lifesaving skills.

March is a new month; let’s use this spring inspiration to celebrate and recognize our Everyday Heroes, and also become involved with the local Red Cross in your community! Stay tuned for more events and updates on March is Red Cross Month.

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