Bravery in the Face of Tragedy

 It is truly incredible to me how often people who are victims of horrible tragedies can use their stories to help other people. Tracy Vaillancourt is a perfect example of one of those people. Tracy lost her son, Brian Moquin, to the war in Afghanistan. Instead of retreating into her grief, something that would have been perfectly plausible for that kind of loss, Tracy wanted to proactively honor Brian’s memory. Tracy decided to become a part of Project New Hope, a wonderful organization that helps veterans and their families transition from military life to civilian life back at home. That organization’s website can be found here

What does this have to do with the American Red Cross? About five years ago, in partnership with Project New Hope, Tracy organized a car show in Brian’s memory which benefitted both Project New Hope and the Red Cross Service to Armed Forces program. The Red Cross received a $1,000 donation from that show! How fantastic is that? Our organization is viable due to generous volunteerism and donations. The Red Cross thanks Tracy for volunteering her time and energy to benefit our Service to Armed Forces Program.

What’s even better is that Tracy, who is now the Vice President of Project New Hope, is not done yet! On November 9, 2013, in partnership with the Red Cross of Central Massachusetts, Project New Hope will host a Night of Comedy at The Manor in West Boylston, MA. The proceeds from this Comedy Fundraiser will, like the car show, benefit veterans and military families. If you are interested in attending, please see attached flyer.

People like Tracy Vaillancourt really astound me. Thanks to her bravery in the face of tragedy, the Red Cross and Project New Hope can continue their work in helping veterans and their families. Thank you, Tracy!




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