Learn Hands-Only CPR!

Have you been trained in CPR? If not, why not? CPR is the most effective way to help someone who is choking before emergency services arrives. 1 in 4 Americans have found themselves in a situation where someone needed CPR.

And CPR has just become a whole lot easier to learn. A new method of resuscitation, hands-only CPR, which does not require the use of mouth to mouth, can be just as effective as traditional methods of CPR when used on teens and adults. Many people would be less likely to use mouth to mouth on a stranger if they were put in that situation. That is why hands only CPR is such a great method to be trained in- you only have to use your hands.

And even better, there is an event coming up right here in Springfield where you can learn hands-only CPR. On November 16, 2013, the Red Cross and YMCA are cosponsoring the Tiffany Hall Memorial CPR Training Day, which will teach participants hands only CPR. Tiffany Hall was a young Springfield woman who died in her sleep in 2012. She was a vibrant young woman who is greatly missed by both her family and the Springfield community. Her family has organized this event to help other families prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to them.

Tiffany Hall Flyer

Come out to learn hands-only CPR and help support a great cause. A $10 donation to the Tiffany Hall Memorial Fund, which helps students pay for college, is appreciated. Click this link to register, and we hope to see you there.

Check out the event page on Facebook, and join the conversation on Twitter using #TiffanyHallCPR!

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