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Zombies have taken over Earth!

Well, maybe not literally, but they sure have taken over our televisions haven’t they? From The Walking Dead, to World War Z, to Zombieland, to all the other zombie-themed TV shows and movies that have come out in the past few years, we seem to have some kind of fascination with the undead. And with Halloween just around the corner, more and more zombies are sure to be popping up at your door shouting, “Trick or Treat!”

So, while zombies may not be a real threat to us, we should be keeping in mind some important safety tips for Halloween. The American Red Cross has come up with a couple of rhymes to help you and your kids remember some safety rules for the upcoming fright-filled night!

Alone is something you never want to be when the ghosts are out and the ghouls roam free! (Walk in groups or with a trusted adult, never alone.)

Candy and treats are very sweet, but make sure a grown-up checks your goodies before you eat! (Make sure to remove open packages and choking hazards.)

Whether you’re dressed as a bear or a park ranger, accept treats at the door, but please don’t go into the house of a stranger.

You may visit many homes on Halloween night, but only visit those with a bright porch light.

Scary monsters are a Halloween feature, be on the lookout for all sorts of creatures. (…maybe not zombies, but use caution around stray dogs and other unfamiliar animals!)

For a full list of our rhyming rules, check out this link.Have a safe and spooky Halloween! Look out for those zombies!